PSSC’19Tokyo The 12th Pacific Structural Steel Conference

The 12th Pacific Structural
Steel Conference

Steel Structures with
Resilience and Sustainability

November 9 – 11, 2019
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan

What’s New

What’s New

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About PSSC

The Pacific Structural Steel Conference is a major initiative bringing together expertise in structural steel research, education and construction from all around the Pacific Rim and beyond to promote cooperation among the structural steel associations and communication on development in the field of steel structures in Pacific countries.

It was originated in 1986 when the New Zealand Heavy Engineering Research Association organized the inaugural conference. Since then the PSSC has been scheduled to be held every three years, the importance of which as a forum for technological discussion and interchange was especially recognized and nurtured by the booming Asian-Pacific economies.

The 2nd PSSC was held in Gold Coast, Australia in 1989; the 3rd one in Tokyo, Japan in 1992; the 4th PSSC in Singapore in 1995 while the next one was held in Korea in 1998. After the conference 2001 in China and 2004 in the USA, the PSSC returned to its land of origin in 2007.

The PSSC was held in Beijing in October 2010, in Singapore in 2013, and in Shanghai in 2016. Excitingly, the PSSC will be held in Tokyo in Year 2019 with the administrator of Japanese Society of Steel Construction. We are looking forward to seeing you and sharing ideas with all the friends.

Organized by

Japanese Society of Steel Construction

Japanese Society of Steel Construction