Invitation Letters for Visa Application

Individuals requesting a letter of invitation with additional support documents issued by the organizer, the JSSC (Japanese Society of Steel Construction), must be a registered attendee with fee(s) paid in advance. Those eligible to request the letter and documents are:
– Presenting authors (Speaker) and co-authors
– Those whose attendance is recognized as necessary by JSSC

Please download the application form for the support documents from here and send it to the PSSC2019 Secretariat by email. It may take a month or more before an entry visa is granted. In case an entry visa is not granted, refunds will be made based on the conference cancellation policy after the conference is over.
Please check the following URL to find a list of countries and regions that have visa exemption arrangements with Japan.

Disclaimer Notice

  1. The JSSC reserves the right to cancel or postpone PSSC 2019 or to change the schedule or the venue without prior notice, due to the act of God or on the occurrence of any event of force majeure.
  2. In the case of any such contingency happening before the opening day, the JSSC shall refund any registration fees it will have received before the contingency, less related costs. In the case where the JSSC should be preparing delivery of electronics proceedings to each applicant who has already paid a registration fee before the contingency, the fee less costs of proceedings production, packing and shipping shall be refunded.
  3. Any air fares, accommodation fees, and other expenses paid by a registered participant shall not be compensated by the JSSC but shall be subject to an agreement between the registered participant and businesses in charge.
  4. In such a contingency stated above in (1.)
    – If it happens during the meeting: the JSSC shall not refund any registration fees.
    – If it happens before the opening causing the JSSC to be unable to hold PSSC2019, it shall refund registration fee in principle.
    However, when postponement, change in PSSC2019 duration and/or change of the venue cause applicants to be unable to participate in the conference, the JSSC shall refund any registration fee only to such an applicant who desires a refund.
  5. No damages or compensation, except the refunding of registration fees as stated above in (2), shall be recovered from the JSSC.